Under the weather.

I wish I had some progress on my wips to share but I’ve been sick for a couple of days now and I am drained and don’t feel like doing anything.😷

I’m hoping that by this coming weekend I’ll be feeling much better because we are going to have a special visitor staying the night with us. On of our nieces that live fairly locally will be here. Looking forward to that happening because she’s been waiting and waiting to stay. I plan on working on my projects tomorrow though and will be working on the horn, hair and ears/face of the caticorn and hopefully I can finish it up tomorrow as well.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my little blog .

Toodles 🤗


Current WIPS

Just in case you’re not aware of this abbreviation, it means ‘multiple works in progress’. Of course you’ll see it without the ‘S’ if someone is referring to just one work in progress.

I’ve seen that so many people are unaware of this and other abbreviations even if they’ve crocheted over 50 years.

There are other abbreviations,but that’s not what this post is about.

I just wanted to show what I’m currently working on. First off we have, what will soon be obvious, a unicorn Pillow.

Our kitty Pepper always helps me when I’m working on things.

My other project is a unicorn cat.

I showed pics from Pinterest to my nieces and they saw they two unicorn type things and I knew I could make them from just looking at them. So, because I have way more yarn and time than I do money to buy them presents right now, I told them they would be made for their birthdays which are days apart in early July.

I always seem to find myself promising to make something and have very little time to make it. I’m sure I can finish them by the time their party rolls around. I do get sidetracked though and I have some health problems, undiagnosed sleep apnea.

Look, I’m not a doctor but sometimes you know you have something without your doctor telling you. Plus, I’m waiting for a sleep study because my doctor already suspects that I have it due to my falling asleep during the day, my weight, etc.

So, I will soldier on and finish these up in time and hope that my daytime dozing doesn’t slow me down too much.


Some of my previous projects.

We all know that the more projects we have going at one time the harder it is to keep up with them all. Taking photos is a great way of keeping track.

I’ve had a bad habit of using store sacks as project bags. I’m sure I’m not alone in this, right? Anyway, I just wanted to share a few things with you that I’ve made and see what you think about them.

These are a few pics I just happened to have access to right away, it isn’t all of them and it’s not the biggest projects.

C2C triangle scarf
Granny squares
Large granny square
Another granny square, blanket for kitty but our Maddie uses it. 🙂

Will post more pics of other projects soon.