Old artwork from my young days..Lol 

Here are a few of my old drawings. You can see my main focus is on the face. 

I started to focus on shading as well. A good friend of the family who is no longer with us unfortunately, let me borrow a book on realistic portrait drawing. It helped so much. She also used to make my Barbie’s clothes for me when I was a kid.☺️

I had done a few portrait type stuff of family members. I drew from a photo once a little girl who the family knew and when her mother saw it she said when her parents were in France a street artist drew her picture and She said that mine was so much better. I suppose I could get back into that but I’ve always wanted to do cartoons.

I’ve dabbled with trying to do some in the past. None original I don’t think.. lol

I think this was supposed to be me in the morning!?! With totally hairy legs cause I hate to shave. 🤣

I think that’s enough for now. I do have more of course and if anyone would like to see, just leave me a comment! Thanks


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