And another from Bob’s burgers…

  • I’ve only recently started​ watching the show and it’s pretty cute..I noticed H.Jon Benjamin’s voice straight away.. love his voice and his work on Dr. Katz. Anyhoo, here is the little troublemaker…Louise. I ran into trouble doing this because her hat and dress are scrapbook paper that I ended up having to paint over because of boo boos.


So that’s where I am. My hands slip and I make marks where I didn’t want them to be.. I say ” Blast it!” And then I try to save it. At the end of the day it’s just a drawing and I feel better saving it so it can exist rather than throwing it out. If I only keep the really good stuff I may not learn from these mistakes. Still rusty but everyday I try to draw and with everyday it will come easier. Maybe I’ll get my groove back. 😋


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