Thoughts on doubt…

There are a lot of people out there who think they can’t draw at all. I always encourage people who say they can’t draw,  to try!

It seems at times that it’s easier to have more faith in other’s abilities than your own. 

So ,I’m sitting here this morning after breakfast in my chair with my little doggie and I’m trying to ink in a sketch and I feel like all I’m doing is messing it up. I have doubted at times my ability to draw but then I’ve had times where I think,  I can draw!

 I have always focused on portrait type stuff, realistic.. but now I’m going to try to go into a cartoon direction. 

I’ve been trying to look at cartoon expressions and I did this rather quick sketch putting all these different facial parts together. This is what I have in ink and charcoal. 

I need to improve on many things but I don’t like the idea of always comparing my stuff with other artists. I can’t because it would drive me nuts! How can you be happy with your own work when you’re constantly comparing yourself to others and always falling short because you’re never going to be able to draw exactly like someone else all the time. So yeah, I say.. life is hard enough, right?! If you love to draw and have fun doing it, why add so much pressure on yourself to the point where you become miserable. So that’s my drawing for today I hope you come back tomorrow and see my next one. I’m not entirely thrilled with this one but that’s not the point this blog is not to Showcase my masterpieces because I don’t have masterpieces. I’m a work-in-progress as I believe everybody is even professional artist are…they’re still growing and they’re still striving to grow as an artist. To become even better and whatever ‘better’ might be in their mind. I just don’t want to copy everybody else’s style…oh I’m trying to find my own style. 

So, in other words just draw and be yourself and try to learn how to be okay with them. 


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