My absence…

I’ve been gone for a while. Not sure if my posts have been missed by anyone or not.

My Dad had been diagnosed with conjestive heart failure 2 years ago. He started passing out a month or so ago and his diffibulator kicked his heart back. He spent a few days in ICU a couple of weeks ago and was sent home and was on hospice until last Thursday. He passed away.πŸ˜‘

Dad holding Maddie

So I had been crocheting and loom knitting up until then and we kept close by Dad during his final days at home. I thought I might be able to crochet while Dad slept but I couldn’t. I didn’t have it in me to do anything until the day he died. It was before he passed. I was able to pick up some yarn and one of the hooks my cousin was so kind to get for me and bring up to Tennessee from Florida.

Hooks my cousin bought me

I did just a small project.. a sleep mask. I had made one for my sister and my mom used it and loved it. She slept in her recliner right night to Dad’s hospital bed in their living room. She wasn’t going to leave his side. She is so strong. She had been casting certain relaxation videos with soothing music for Dad and herself to their TV and the mask helped her sleep better blocking the light from the TV.

Mom wearing the mask πŸ˜‹

A shawl for a friend:)

It’s been a while since I have posted.. I have been crocheting though.

I’ve made a blanket for a classmate for her 1st grandchild. Wow, how can we be old enough to be grandparents?! It’s hard to believe but there we are. Lol ☺️

I had made a small granny square pouch that’s perfect for an iPad mini.. posted it on Facebook marketplace.

Another classmate of mine saw it and asked if I would make her a shawl and she would pay me for it. She’s such a sweet person, she left the design ideas up to me but she did want dark colors. I’m still working on it.. almost done. I found a cute pattern but Everytime I got to the second repeat, my peaks didn’t quite line up. I ended up trying that twice a frogging it twice. So I found a cute free pattern for a shell stitch and went with it.

So I’m finishing up the shawl


Scattered projects

I’ve been busy working on a large granny square blanket for our bed… Once it reached a certain size, I started to take a break from it since it’s summer time and it’s pretty warm. I haven’t worked on it in a few days but I have started working on other things but my mind as usual is scattered around and I have scattered projects at different stages of completion. I just started loom knitting something this morning which is unusual for me because I rarely loom knit anymore. It’s usually crochet that i dobecause I can just pick the hook up I don’t have to cast on so many pegs and remember how to do different stitches in crochet. It seems to be a lot faster to me. So I just got a new phone and my case that I ordered online yesterday of course hasn’t arrived yet so until it comes in the mail I decided to loom knit a small sleeve type case for the phone just to protect it. I really like the phone it’s cute… it’s a little bit smaller. It’s smaller than the Moto Z play Droid that I had and I switched to a Google pixel 2. So here’s a picture of the blanket.

In this picture the blanket measured about 47 in wide.

The loom knit sleeve case I’m making isn’t very far along. It’s getting there though. I don’t have a photo of the other little project that I did. It wasn’t really a “project” that was a more of a spur-of-the-moment “hey I’ll make you this little thing you know this pouch”.. it was for my nephew. He collects rocks and stones and my mom had save some really pretty shiny marbley looking stones for him and I had some yarn with me of course and my crochet hook because I was working on a granny square scarf. I had some blue yarn with me and I asked him if he would like me to make him a little drawstring pouch for his stones and he said yeah so I did that. He liked it and I askyhim how big he would like it to be. I’m just doing a bit of this and that.



Bedroom curtains

I started making two curtain panels for our small bedroom window right after making the unicorn pillow and caticorn for our nieces. I had seen this gorgeous varigated yarn used to make a blanket for a king size bed and I was totally in love! I didn’t get the yarn right away but a good while, probably months, I got a few skeins. I took them home thinking I would make something right away. That didn’t happen. I only just decided to make curtains with them several days ago now.

So here’s they are, please lete know if you like them.


Finishing up some presents.

Well, today I added the last ear to the unicorn pillow. Yay! After thinking I was completely done… I remembered that I agreed to add some eyelashes to the unicorn’s eyes to make it look more girly. So that’s the last or rather next to last thing to finish the pillow. I still have to sew on my name on the crocheted by tag.

Here is the pillow, please remember that I didn’t follow a pattern. I just looked at a picture and used that as a guide. 😊

Before adding the ear
Pink sparkly eyes

I’m glad to get these finished as soon as I have because of being sick. I wasn’t sure how long that would last and if I’d have the energy or feel well enough to make them.

Now I am feeling better and getting well I’m looking forward to their party next month and seeing them open their presents.

Onto the next project now. I’ll discuss that in my next blog post.



Finished one WIP: little caticorn.

Well, I’ve felt well enough today to work on and thankfully finish the little caticorn for my niece. Now that’s done and I must say only part of it was me following a pattern. So it resembles the one she wanted it to look like. She had design requests and that’s affected how different it looks from the original.


Under the weather.

I wish I had some progress on my wips to share but I’ve been sick for a couple of days now and I am drained and don’t feel like doing anything.😷

I’m hoping that by this coming weekend I’ll be feeling much better because we are going to have a special visitor staying the night with us. On of our nieces that live fairly locally will be here. Looking forward to that happening because she’s been waiting and waiting to stay. I plan on working on my projects tomorrow though and will be working on the horn, hair and ears/face of the caticorn and hopefully I can finish it up tomorrow as well.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my little blog .

Toodles πŸ€—