Something dark yet colorful

I’ve had two rolling rulers for several years now and have never really use them except for maybe a straightedge. I used one today to make a circle on some paper and went from there. I sectioned it off…. I don’t know if you can tell that from looking at this picture. I’ve been a little influenced by Peter draws on YouTube I like the way he does line work. This is a little inspired by his stuff. I feel as though it may take years to do things as controlled as he does but I don’t want to copy him. I don’t want to to steal his style. I want to find my own. I’m not completely happy with this picture… this is a lot darker than I usually like to do things. I was in a dark place today, stressed out and agitated.  Anyhoo, this is mainly ink, with some Crayola markers


Old artwork from my young days..Lol 

Here are a few of my old drawings. You can see my main focus is on the face. 

I started to focus on shading as well. A good friend of the family who is no longer with us unfortunately, let me borrow a book on realistic portrait drawing. It helped so much. She also used to make my Barbie’s clothes for me when I was a kid.☺️

I had done a few portrait type stuff of family members. I drew from a photo once a little girl who the family knew and when her mother saw it she said when her parents were in France a street artist drew her picture and She said that mine was so much better. I suppose I could get back into that but I’ve always wanted to do cartoons.

I’ve dabbled with trying to do some in the past. None original I don’t think.. lol

I think this was supposed to be me in the morning!?! With totally hairy legs cause I hate to shave. 🤣

I think that’s enough for now. I do have more of course and if anyone would like to see, just leave me a comment! Thanks


Random doodles

I saw the snail and owl cartoon somewhere on Pinterest… I loved them so much I had to draw them. The gown was done from a reference photo and the butterfly was from an illustration.  The others are just different things that popped into my head. I’ve been struggling a bit with trying to decide what to draw. 


Shapes and colors

I don’t have a lot to say about this one. It doesn’t really have much meaning to me. I guess I’m not feeling it. One of those days I suppose. Lol Anyhoo, I started this a couple weeks ago and I left it and started other things. I used Crayola markers for this one. One day I hope to have Copics or some better quality artist grade markers. Anyway you do the best with what you have and that’s what I had so hope you like it and I’ll try to post something new and different tomorrow. 🦋


On a colorful doodle kick

I’m just loving the doodles with all colors right now. I like challenging myself to fill the whole page. I’m working in my new 5.5 x 8.5 in sketchbook, so that’s not too difficult. The thing that kind of slows down the process is having tons of small spaces that I have to use pens on. I’ve had two rolling rulers for years and I have never used them. Thinking of doing some geometric patterns.