Bedroom curtains

I started making two curtain panels for our small bedroom window right after making the unicorn pillow and caticorn for our nieces. I had seen this gorgeous varigated yarn used to make a blanket for a king size bed and I was totally in love! I didn’t get the yarn right away but a good while, probably months, I got a few skeins. I took them home thinking I would make something right away. That didn’t happen. I only just decided to make curtains with them several days ago now.

So here’s they are, please lete know if you like them.


Finishing up some presents.

Well, today I added the last ear to the unicorn pillow. Yay! After thinking I was completely done… I remembered that I agreed to add some eyelashes to the unicorn’s eyes to make it look more girly. So that’s the last or rather next to last thing to finish the pillow. I still have to sew on my name on the crocheted by tag.

Here is the pillow, please remember that I didn’t follow a pattern. I just looked at a picture and used that as a guide. 😊

Before adding the ear
Pink sparkly eyes

I’m glad to get these finished as soon as I have because of being sick. I wasn’t sure how long that would last and if I’d have the energy or feel well enough to make them.

Now I am feeling better and getting well I’m looking forward to their party next month and seeing them open their presents.

Onto the next project now. I’ll discuss that in my next blog post.



Finished one WIP: little caticorn.

Well, I’ve felt well enough today to work on and thankfully finish the little caticorn for my niece. Now that’s done and I must say only part of it was me following a pattern. So it resembles the one she wanted it to look like. She had design requests and that’s affected how different it looks from the original.


Under the weather.

I wish I had some progress on my wips to share but I’ve been sick for a couple of days now and I am drained and don’t feel like doing anything.😷

I’m hoping that by this coming weekend I’ll be feeling much better because we are going to have a special visitor staying the night with us. On of our nieces that live fairly locally will be here. Looking forward to that happening because she’s been waiting and waiting to stay. I plan on working on my projects tomorrow though and will be working on the horn, hair and ears/face of the caticorn and hopefully I can finish it up tomorrow as well.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my little blog .

Toodles 🤗


Current WIPS

Just in case you’re not aware of this abbreviation, it means ‘multiple works in progress’. Of course you’ll see it without the ‘S’ if someone is referring to just one work in progress.

I’ve seen that so many people are unaware of this and other abbreviations even if they’ve crocheted over 50 years.

There are other abbreviations,but that’s not what this post is about.

I just wanted to show what I’m currently working on. First off we have, what will soon be obvious, a unicorn Pillow.

Our kitty Pepper always helps me when I’m working on things.

My other project is a unicorn cat.

I showed pics from Pinterest to my nieces and they saw they two unicorn type things and I knew I could make them from just looking at them. So, because I have way more yarn and time than I do money to buy them presents right now, I told them they would be made for their birthdays which are days apart in early July.

I always seem to find myself promising to make something and have very little time to make it. I’m sure I can finish them by the time their party rolls around. I do get sidetracked though and I have some health problems, undiagnosed sleep apnea.

Look, I’m not a doctor but sometimes you know you have something without your doctor telling you. Plus, I’m waiting for a sleep study because my doctor already suspects that I have it due to my falling asleep during the day, my weight, etc.

So, I will soldier on and finish these up in time and hope that my daytime dozing doesn’t slow me down too much.


Some of my previous projects.

We all know that the more projects we have going at one time the harder it is to keep up with them all. Taking photos is a great way of keeping track.

I’ve had a bad habit of using store sacks as project bags. I’m sure I’m not alone in this, right? Anyway, I just wanted to share a few things with you that I’ve made and see what you think about them.

These are a few pics I just happened to have access to right away, it isn’t all of them and it’s not the biggest projects.

C2C triangle scarf
Granny squares
Large granny square
Another granny square, blanket for kitty but our Maddie uses it. 🙂

Will post more pics of other projects soon.



Hi there, my name is Kim. I love to create things, either through drawing, crochet, paper crafts, polymer clay… whatever I can get my hands on. Most of the time I am concentrating on crochet. I’ve been crocheting since around ’04 or ’05. I was working at Walmart and passed by the crochet hooks, yarn and knitting needles on my way to the back of the store to clock out at the end of my shift. I decided to buy one hook and I think one or two skeins of yarn. I don’t think I tried to do anything with them for a while. I asked my mom one day who doesn’t crochet how to get started.. I had tried on my own but the way I was doing it, the loops were staying on the hook like when you’re doing Tunisian crochet. My mom was able to somehow show me how to cast on my foundation chain and the rest was up to me…. hehe. Thankfully there was YouTube videos eventually to catch me up to speed and show me the vast world of crochet. I’m not sure now how much I crocheted in the beginning. I had that first hook I ever bought and it floated around my little cottage because I haven’t always been so organized and I’m still struggling with that. It stayed in my possession until one Xmas while visiting my brother and his family who live out of state and I only get to see once a year. I have two nieces and the younger one had been trying to learn with said hook because Aunt Kim brought it for her to learn with… In the end she cried when I was getting ready to leave and was going to take the hook back.. even offering her another newer hook and she wasn’t having it. So instead of looking like a heartless, selfish person I let her keep it..knowing that it would most likely be soon forgotten and lost forever in the back of her closet or chucked in with her toys. Now, I’m not really a materialistic person but I liked that hook. I got over it and moved on… after all it’s not worth causing my little niece to have a horrible tear filled night thinking that I hated her. Lol. So now all the years later I have done quite a bit of crochet and have collected many more hooks. I’ve mostly made presents for people whether it was their birthday or not. I enjoy making things for others. You put a lot of effort, heart and love into projects. I have been where probably every other crocheter has been before… Unappreciated. You’ve made something for someone either because it was an order or a gift and it was treated as though it was made from garbage. Most people don’t understand the amount of hard work, patience and love that goes into our work. Thankfully not everyone will treat you and your work this way. I hope you’ll stop by again and visit. I plan on sharing my projects, my favorite patterns and aspirations for future crochet creations. Toodles for now. 🤗